I’m not even sure when I last updated, but I know it’s been over a month.

August was awful for my family. My wonderful, amazing, and kind father passed away last month. Despite being diagnosed with congestive heart failure almost 7 years ago, we lost him too soon. It was both an odd mix of somewhat expected, but also so sudden. We always knew that we would lose him sooner than we would want to, but the way in which it happened… It was so fast! One day he was perfectly normal, then the next we’re calling for an ambulance, then only a couple days after that he’s being airlifted to a different hospital. FAST!

Soooooo…. with him being hospitalized for a little over a week and then planning his funeral, my August was busy! I don’t think I even turned on my computer. And now, I’m just starting to get back into my regular things. I finally opened up the WordPress website for the first time in weeks. But for the first time since I started this blog a couple years ago, I haven’t a clue what is going on in Yemen. My dad used to send me articles that I could post. We live in the same house, but still… he sent me the links! It might take me a bit to get back to posting here regularly, but it’s my goal. I’m gonna do it. I should probably read up on what I’ve been missing before I start posting again.

Seeing as I’m an adult, I’ve lost family members before, but there’s nothing like losing your dad. I miss him so much. And I know at this very moment, there are a lot of people around the world missing their dads too. Some had theirs violently ripped from them. I am grateful that my dad seemed to pass peacefully surrounded by his family and also with a team of doctors and the best healthcare we could possibly give him.

Until hopefully soon, blog readers!