I’m back!

I’m going to try getting out some updates starting this weekend. Is it just me, or has Yemen been in the news a lot more recently? By a lot more, I mean I turn on the news channels or the radio and I hear people discussing this. Color me shocked! So I feel like I really need to get to updating. Things are happening. The Senate was apparently voting on stuff?

Stay tuned!

For now, here are the top images that show up when I search Yemen on Getty Images.

Because this update needs some pictures.

View from Bab al-Yaman, Yemen Gate, over the old city of Sana’a, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sana’a, Yemen

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TOPSHOT – Yemenis dig graves for children, who where killed when their bus was hit during a Saudi-led coalition air strike, that targeted the Dahyan market the previous day in the Huthi rebels’ stronghold province of Saada on August 10, 2018. – An attack on a bus at a market in rebel-held northern Yemen killed at least 29 children on August 9, the Red Cross said, as the Saudi-led coalition faced a growing outcry over the strike. (Photo by STRINGER / AFP) (Photo credit should read STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images)

A veiled woman under a multicolor umbrella in Sanaa, Yemen

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TOPSHOT – A Yemeni child suffering from severe malnutrition is weighed at a treatment centre in a hospital in Yemen’s northwestern Hajjah province, on October 25, 2018. (Photo by ESSA AHMED / AFP) (Photo credit should read ESSA AHMED/AFP/Getty Images)