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Information on Yemen from an American perspective.


I’m just one American girl, living in America, and horrified about what is going on in Yemen. This is a place for my thoughts and the news as I learn about this country. Someone in America cares about you, people of Yemen, and maybe other Americans will learn with me too.

What side am I on? Well… I am on the side of the people not starving or having bombs dropped on them. I don’t like my country supporting Saudi Arabia bombing civilians, but I also don’t like the Houthi arming children.

There will not be any graphic content shared on this blog without warning, though I do not consider graphic content to be a bit of blood. Some websites I link to (such as Twitter accounts) might share graphic content somewhere on their page, so please be aware of that before clicking.

Read my full introduction here about my inspiration to start this blog.

Need a Yemen introduction? Check out my featured posts to get you started:

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Some other things you might recognize:

  • The Queen of Sheba, known for her visit to Solomon in 1000 B.C. Her kingdom was in Saba, the capital of the Sabean empire, which is northeast of Yemen’s capital city Sana’a.
  • Drink coffee? While the origin is up to debate, either Ethiopia or Yemen, it was Yemen’s coffee houses and trade routes that spread coffee throughout the world.

Sometimes I participate in Daily Prompts and learn new things! I am also starting to read books about Yemen. Hopefully I can learn and share more about this country’s very long history.

If the news or information is about a specific city/region, I will tag it. Here are the tags, if you are looking for a particular area:

AdenHadramautHodeidah, Marib, MokhaSana’aTaiz

As of January 2017, I started a category for news on the Trump administration’s efforts to stop people from mostly Muslim countries from entering the US. Since this has affected people from Yemen, I have included it on this blog. Some will debate whether or not this is a Muslim ban or a travel ban, but for the sake of keeping the title short and simple I have gone with US Muslim Ban. There is also a category on news and other information about refugees. This doesn’t always relate to Yemen, but I try to keep it relevant to the US.

The documentary category is a fun one for me. While I try to keep this to topics on Yemen or the Middle East, I sometimes pick a topic that interests me. These posts will include a summary with screencaps of the documentary along with some occasional supplemental sources. If you have any recommendations, please leave a comment with a link to YouTube or a place to watch. I consider a documentary to be a video around 25 minutes or longer.